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7.10.2018 Lunch at Magic Kingdom for Under $20
TMR Tours is back with another great special on Lunch under $20. Join us as we take a tour of some great locations that are under $20 for two. These are must stop locations for a quick treat.

6.26.2018 Disney Broedel Adventure Day 2 // TMR TOURS
Day 2 is here and it was super fun. Lots of memories and of course magic! Brian has arrived and it is time to go FULL DISNEY!

6.19.2018 Disney Broedel Adventure Day 1 // TMR TOURS
This is our first day adventure and we travlled from Buffalo NY to FL to do rope drop at Epcot. It was an early morning but well worth it! Brett had fun seeing things for the first time! Stay tuned for day 2-4 coming soon...

6.15.2018 Magic Kingdom Kiss Goodnight // TMR TOURS
Join TMR tours for the Kiss Goodnight at Magic Kingdom. This special show at Walt Disney World happens as the park closes for the very end of the night. Magic Kingdom is special at night and the Kiss Goodnight is the cherry on top!

6.12.2018 Mobile Ordering Special // TMR TOURS
TMR goes on a feature around Magic Kingdom showing the details of mobile ordering. It is a super fast way to get food around the parks.

6.7.2018 Walking Down Main St USA
Join TMR tours for this fun performance from the "Citizens of Main St." They even took the trolley out for some fun!

6.6.2018 NEWS from WDW Hunt 2018
A bunch of NEW things have come to Walt Disney World Resort. TMR has all kinds of news to share, check out the BLOG over on TMR Facebook page for more!

5.29.2018 Fireworks Attraction Dash
Learn how to skip lines at Disney from TMR tours. This special segment breaks down how to do it!

5.22.2018 Fireworks Attraction Dash
TMR tours went around Magic Kingdom to see how many attractions we can get in during Fireworks. How many can we do! some see!

5.17.2018 MAGIC MOMENTS at Epcot
More fun magic from around WDW. This time at Epcot during Flower and Garden!

5.11.2018 Epcot Phone Booths
Did you know the phone booths at Epcot can call UK to Canada, toll free. See for yourself!

5.10.2018 NEW videos up this week!
We posted an all new Lou Bacca and our TMR Tours from Flower and Garden festival. Go over to TMR on youtube to check it all out!

5.2.2018 Lou-Bacca Meets Ariel // TMR ON DEMAND
Well this was a fun experience. Lou-Bacca went under the sea to meet a princess!

5.1.2018 Pinocchio Village Haus // TMR TOURS
TMR Tours had some great flatbread Pizza at Pinocchio's inside Fantasyland. What do you think?

4.25.2018 Lou Bacca // TMR On Demand
Check out the NEW Lou-Bacca adventure over on TMR On Demand. Hot Subscribe and ring the bell on the NEW channel to get updates of our Featured Content!

4.23.2018 TMR Tours // Fun Coming This Week
Stay tuned on TMR youtube for a NEW expedition reel on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday head over to TMR on Demand for a NEW Lou-Bacca Adventure. We will have a Casey's Corner feature on Thursday and on Friday we may post a BONUS video for everyone on TMR. Yippee!!

4.20.2018 TMR Tours at Epcot's Club Cool
Try these different international colas and Stacy does the Beverly Triple Challenge!

4.18.2018 Walt Jones IS LIVE
Get your copy today and keep an eye out for special deals all this week!

4.18.2018 MORE DizAni Vlogs coming soon
Animation is underway for our 3rd Episode of DizAni Vlogs, head over to TMR on Demand and catch the first two!

4.18.2018 Walt Jones NOW AVAILABLE
Head over to TMR's Etsy to pick up your adventure. Walt Jones is an interactive guide book to Magic Kingdom, great for groups or just on your own!

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